John A. Hartford Foundation 2017 Annual Report

Since 1982, The John A. Hartford Foundation has been dedicated to improving the lives of Americans over the age of 65. Key to this effort is their support of grants focusing on strengthening the health, health care practices, and health care policies of older adults while, at the same time, reducing costs. As of 2018, The John A. Hartford Foundation awarded over $565 million in grants. Examples of the foundation’s effectiveness include a primary care program that saved Medicare more than 10 million while delivering higher-quality care, as well as an innovative model where nursing home residents experienced a 25% reduction in hospitalizations compared to control groups.

Every year, The John A. Hartford Foundation releases an annual report that covers their achievements and goals in detail. Past reports have only existed in a traditional (but outdated) PDF format. This year, however, the foundation wanted to take a step in a more modern direction and create a digital format for their 2017 report. Ironistic answered the call.

Ironistic has created multiple digital reports for a variety of organizations. The key benefit of this trend is dramatically enhancing user engagement by creating interactive features that deliver information and messages in a much more memorable and effective way.

For The John A. Hartford Foundation, we teamed up with McCabe Message Partners and designed a custom site in keeping with the foundation’s main site and branding. The large hero area on the homepage presents the report’s key features with engaging graphics, and each feature is clickable, allowing the user to easily find more information about a desired subject such as Foundation Milestones or Transforming Care. Each feature then presents key info in a visually-appealing, interactive way with drill-downs providing even more detail. The unique dropdown menu at the top of the homepage also gives users access to the same highlights, and each interior page features a subheader similar to the hero image, so that navigation is a breeze. The end result is a professional, inviting, well-organized site that delivers for its intended audiences.

If you’re looking for a modern way to present key reports that will impact and impress, look no further than Ironistic. The John A. Hartford Foundation was very happy with our results, and we can deliver an equally exceptional solution for you. Check us out today.

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