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JLA Strategic Communications



JLA Strategic Communications is a DC-based firm offering depth of experience with diverse services. With deep backgrounds in communications, government and international relations, crisis management and marketing campaigns, they are able to address their clients’ objectives and challenges in a dynamic, resourceful and authoritative way.

The services they offer are designed for the modern, global world, providing grass roots mobilization, materials development, and strategic events management – to name a few. JLA is also equally adept at developing on-target communications for both the public and private sector.

As a leader in strategic communications, JLA understood the importance of exhibiting a strong web presence. Building a digital platform is not only necessary to reach all types of audiences, but it’s essential for legitimizing one’s business and brand. JLA needed a digital platform that would highlight their experience, history and services for future clients in both the public and private sectors as well as the media.





Ironistic built a simple, clean and modern site that clearly represents JLA Strategic Communications and offers easy navigation and clear articulation of their services and expertise. Sharp hero images illustrate JLA’s brand and influence while infographics and call-to-actions guide users toward further engagement.

Ironistic also implemented a WordPress content management system that affords JLA control over content edits and updates. The CMS makes it easy for the client to manage info and images, news, blogs, videos and any other content that will empower the brand.

A digital presence is an absolute MUST in today’s world. It’s the only way to both validate and amplify your business – to be seen, to be heard, to be taken seriously. Ready to make your mark? Contact Ironistic today.

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