Jeff Herbert

Meet Jeff Herbert. From right here in the DC area, Jeff is an accomplished musician performing not only many private events, but also notable public events at places like the Vietnam Memorial, Arlington National Cemetery, and Capitol Hill.  With over 30 years of experience as a guitarist and vocalist, plus 15 years of playing the bagpipe, he’s racked up quite the resume with people praising both his professionalism and expertise.

When Jeff Herbert came to Ironistic, he did not have any dedicated site. He was using an online source to book his gigs, but had no website to showcase his talent, promote his events, and encourage new clientele. That’s exactly what he asked Ironistic to do for him.

We put together an appealing site with a modern layout, sharp design, and simple navigation that makes it easy for visitors to get to know Jeff Herbert. Calls-to-action are immediate and placed strategically throughout. You can listen to some of his past performances, see his experience, read positive testimonials, find his upcoming shows and, of course, book an event. It’s a far cry from the days of MySpace.

Big or small, corporate or individual, Ironistic can do it all. Most importantly, we do what’s right for you – what fits your goals and purpose, your company’s brand and culture. And we do it the right way, with high value placed on you and your success. It’s a major reason why we were recently named Overall Business of the Year by the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce in 2017. Come meet Ironistic today.

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