HarmonyTech is a Northern Virginia IT company specializing in fusing innovative technology services with agile business solutions. They work in both the public and private sector, but many of their clients reside in the federal government. In fact, their first job was with the Department of the Treasury. After the financial crisis of 2008, they helped modernize the Treasury and digitized their bank supervision process. Since then, they’ve also worked for the US Senate, the Peace Corps, the Department of Homeland Security and USPS, among others. Their capabilities include Agile DevOps Delivery, Application Development, Cloud Migration, Cyber Security, and Enterprise IT Services. Their plan of action is simple: Gather the best people in order to formulate the best solutions and implement the best processes. In many ways, that sounds a lot like Ironistic. Which makes it easy to see why HarmonyTech partnered with us to create a brand-new website for them.

When HarmonyTech came to Ironistic, their old site was outdated, didn’t have much in the way of design, and provided little information. They needed something modern, engaging and professional, something that would appeal to potential partners and new clients as well as vendors and talented job seekers. The site needed to be intuitive, present all of HarmonyTech assets and capabilities while remaining user-friendly, and it had to be easy to manage for HarmonyTech itself.

So Ironistic developed a site that was immediately visually appealing, but also had the bells and whistles that would keep site visitors around for more than a quick glance. We incorporated calls-to-action and other features that would guide users throughout the site and present key info in an organic, easily-accessible way (for example, HarmonyTech’s stellar list of clients, their recent GSA Award and, of course, their IT solutions). A standout feature of the homepage is the custom hero video and flyout sections, two smart features that spark interest and complement HarmonyTech’s brand of leading-edge technology services. The WordPress CMS implementation also allows site admins to easily manage all content, so as new partners are added, new clients are gained, or new media is created, HarmonyTech can efficiently update their website – no sweat.

That’s what Ironistic is here for – to guide organizations toward better solutions, better agility, greater appeal and, of course, greater success as a result of smart digital development. Looking to raise your website’s IQ? We can get you there with a solution that’s just right for you. Find out more today.

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