Gonstead Institute

The Gonstead Institute, led by Dr. Thomas Campbell, is a chiropractic health care center located in Alexandria, VA and serving the DC Metro area.

Dr. Gonstead believed in a hands-on adjustment to correct spinal misalignment, taking into account the relationship between the skeletal and the nervous system. Chiropractors who practice this technique take a total analysis of the spine to ensure a thorough assessment before treatment. Gonstead doctors do the spinal assessment using five criteria – visualization, instrumentation, static palpation, motion palpation, x-ray analysis.

Aside from needing a website to promote their own services, the Gonstead Institute also want to utilize their digital presence to encourage other chiropractors across the country to adopt the Gonstead system and approach to chiropractic therapy. The website showcases the Gonstead Method and patient success stories through visually engaging video content throughout the website. Ironistic helped Dr. Campbell utilize the power of video to show the potential impact of the Gonstead method to a wide audience.

Ironistic customized a WordPress theme to meet the company’s requirements and allow them to easily update their website as needed. We also worked with the Gonstead Institute and our partners at Hudson Studio to produce a new logo and color palette.

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