F.T. Valley Farm


F.T. Valley Farm

F.T. Valley Farm



F.T. Valley Farm in Sperryville, VA is a family-owned farm with a rich history dating back to the 18thcentury. Tucked into Virginia’s scenic mountains, F.T. Valley Farm raises non-GMO, grass-fed cattle as well as many varieties of apples from over 10,000 trees. As they continue to grow, they hope to host weddings and other events at their 870-acre piece of paradise.

F.T. Valley Farm is a new business on a historic piece of land. It’s a dream come true for their new owners, and they wanted a website to establish their presence and pave the way for business expansion through their orchards and beef. With design and development from Ironistic, they’re well on their way toward a successful – and fun – family venture.





Ironistic designed a modern and appealing website that captures the idyllic beauty of the farm and echoes the fun, adventurous spirit of its owners. Content promotes the farm’s history, it’s product, and showcases everyday life at work and play. The site also makes it easy for visitors to find them and connect with them for orchard updates. It’s an effective platform on a dynamic WordPress content management system that will enable F.T. Valley Farm to easily add new content as they evolve.

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