Enginuity Power Systems

Enginuity Power Systems is a revolutionary technology company creating dynamic change within the power industry. While our world, our economies, our lives depend on power, they also depend on our natural environment, and this often invites conflict. Enginuity, however, believes that we can have the best of both. Through skill, intelligence and good old-fashioned American drive, they are inventing technology that is efficient and powerful and able to positively impact the way we work and live.

Some of the awesome solutions they are developing include a “plug and play” combined heat and power unit, (essentially a water heater that produces electricity), an automotive power system that is half the size of standard engines and 31% more efficient, and an electric vehicle range extender that can actually power a home in an emergency. It really doesn’t get much cooler than that. Not only is Enginuity working on technology that can support our future and improve the power industry’s relationship with our environment, they are doing this with operations based 100% in the United States. That’s like the icing on the cake. So, it’s easy to understand why Ironistic was excited to work with such a genius company.

When Enginuity Power Systems teamed up with Ironistic, they had no old site to revamp. We were to develop their first online presence, and they wanted a website that would translate their vision and solutions into a visual message. So Ironistic made sure the site accentuated Enginuity’s strong points, highlighted their forward-thinking technology, and conveyed their promise and spirit in the design itself, not just the content. We built a smart and intuitive architecture with navigation, infographics, and call-to-actions that effortlessly guide the user through the site along with adding dramatic hero images that impress that feeling of ingenuity and possibility. It’s a straightforward but modern site that reflects their technology’s simplicity and efficiency as well as achieving the goal of engaging visitors and getting their message across. With the WordPress CMS we implemented, Enginuity Power Systems can easily update content as technologies go through various development stages and new ideas are formed. Plus the site is responsive, so people can get excited about their progress via any device. Honestly, we can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

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