Educators for High Standards

Educators for Higher Standards (EHS) is a collaborative resource for educators with an interest in and commitment to quality education for all public school students in the United States. EHS understands the importance of high standards in achieving lifelong student success and the role that teachers have in understanding, shaping and improving the education system. They offer a community of like-minded, dedicated education professionals who through shared stories, blogs, projects, current news, and related online resources, provide insight, expertise, encouragement and support to teachers in America’s public schools.

Before Ironistic, Educators for Higher Standards lived on a platform that was incompatible with their objectives and goals. They needed something modern, visually-engaging, and user-friendly, a site that could be flexible, responsive, and would promote their brand and encourage participation and growth. Ironistic built them a newly-designed site with a WordPress CMS platform, the means to display videos and add custom posts for blog and resource pages, and incorporated site highlights like featured projects, sign-up call-to-actions, and Twitter feed. We also provided programming functionality for their current project, ESSA for Educators. With an easy-to-navigate and easier-to-maintain site, EHS is set to continue promoting the highest of standards in public education with an active and effective online presence.

Services Provided:

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