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Development Essentials is a new company founded by Chris O’Donnell that serves small businesses and non-profit organizations in developing countries around the world. The company provides training courses and consultation services to help these organizations obtain funding primarily through USAID grants. Chris made it a point to emphasize that the website would be the face of his company, and a high quality website would determine the success of his business. When beginning this project, Chris, Ironistic, and Hudson Studio decided to redesign Development Essentials’ logo and create a set of brand standards. This redesign process set the foundation for what was to become a beautiful website that was easy to use. The new branding has global appeal as Development Essentials will be working in many countries around the world.

The website includes e-commerce integration using the WooCommerce platform in conjunction with a customized version of the All in One Event Calendar. This allows Development Essentials to easily add new courses, new services, and schedule new dates in a way that is very intuitive for users to navigate.

We also created a custom subscription portal to support their Aid Yellow Book product. Aid Yellow Book is a valuable business forecast tool for USAID partners and was designed based on input from Development Essentials’ course participants. It tracks awards up to five years out and it includes data and program information to enhance organizations’ development strategies and post-award opportunities. AID Yellow Book includes USAID info on contracts, task orders, purchase orders and agreements, and GSA schedules, and, without a doubt, is just another great reason why Development Essentials is a must for any organization interested in or involved with USAID.

Services Provided:

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