Development Essentials

Development Essentials is a brand new company founded by Chris O’Donnell that serves small businesses and non-profit organizations in developing countries around the world. The company provides training courses and consultation services to help these organizations obtain funding primarily through USAID grants. Chris made it a point to emphasize that the website would be the face of his company, and a high quality website would determine the success of his business. When beginning this project, Chris, Ironistic, and Hudson Studio decided to redesign Development Essentials’ logo and create a set of brand standards. This redesign process set the foundation for what was to become a beautiful website that was easy to use. The new branding has global appeal as Development Essentials will be working in many countries around the world.

The website itself includes e-commerce integration using the Woo Commerce platform in conjunction with a customized version of the All in One Calendar. This allows Development Essentials to easily add new courses, new services, and schedule new dates in a way that is very intuitive for users to navigate.

Services Provided:

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