DCS Corp

DCS Corp is an employee-owned advanced technology provider developing myriad solutions for America’s defense network. Clients like the Department of Defense, DHS, the Coast Guard, and our nation’s military have benefited from DCS Corp’s collective innovation, aptitude, and drive in the areas of cybersecurity, systems engineering and integration, aviation systems, and weapons testing and evaluation – to name a few. Coupled with their long-standing corporate culture of high ethical standards and cultivating the best and brightest, DCS offers a win-win opportunity every time. Their employee-owners are motivated and enabled to provide proficient, intelligent IT solutions with responsive, customer-centered service. That’s why, for over 35 years, DCS Corp has been a relied-upon resource for our nation’s defense, and why, just this year, they were awarded the James S. Cogswell Outstanding Industrial Security Achievement Award. They know what they’re doing, and they do it well.

When DCS engaged Ironistic for a fresh website, they were looking for several things: modernization, enhanced brand awareness, an efficient CMS, and, overall, a site that would broadcast their abilities, achievements, and character as well as entice new talent to their team. Ironistic met this challenge with an engaging design that immediately welcomes the user to DCS Corp, their history, their expertise, and their culture of employee-ownership, pride and honor. While incorporating their brand and logo throughout, the site highlights their community service, their stellar list of clients, and invites innovative thinkers and creators to join their team. We developed this site on a WordPress CMS platform, which enables DCS to manage and update content, news, and media easily and at will. And, of course, the site is responsive, so users can access all features from all types of devices.

With DCS Corp’s outstanding dedication and service to America’s military and defense, Ironistic was proud to partner with them in creating a dynamic, reliable website that would support their mission and propel their future success. Looking to invigorate or revamp your own site? We’re ready. Suit up with an Ironistic website, and see just how good it can be.

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