College Summit/Peer Forward

“It’s our goal to make college the rule, not the exception.”

Over the past 20 years, College Summit has placed more than 250,000 students from 500 schools nationwide on the path to college and career success. Partner schools have experienced increases in their college enrollment rate by up to 20%. PeerForward represents the next generation of College Summit. They are committed to scaling our impact and increasing the numbers of low-income students enrolling and succeeding in college. Over the next decade, College Summit and its one-of-a-kind youth-driven college access service will help 750,000 students from 1000 schools across the nation realize their true potential.

College Summit currently works with some of the largest school districts in America including New York, Los Angeles, Miami-Dade and St. Louis. This scope allows partner schools to benefit from best practices and success stories from across the U.S.

When it came to an online presence, College Summit came to Ironistic to assist in the creation of the new site to drive both new and existing audiences to learn about the PeerForward movement. The site focuses on a very specific message, educating people about the next generation of College Summit. It is broken out into three main sections:

To learn more about PeerForward, visit the website here.

Services Provided:

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