Collaborative for Student Success

When it comes to public policy issues in the spotlight, the Common Core come top of mind for many people.  And depending on where you look on the Internet, conflicting and confusing information can really muddy the waters.  The Collaborative for Student Success sought to shed some light – and clarity – on the subject and approached Ironistic to create a new website to serve as a hub for Common Core information.  Phase one of the effort is to clearly define what the Common Core is and how it affects people in general.  Phase two is to break down the issue state-by-state… where much of the real controversy lies!

Ironistic worked closely with the Collaborative to create a visually appealing website with clear Call-to-Action elements focusing on different audiences and on different buckets of information.  In addition, we worked to get people more involved in the effort through social media integration, email sign-up options, and video content.

In addition, the website offers a state-by-state breakdown of the common core across the United States.   And check out our Higher Education for Higher Standards website that seeks to spread awareness at the college and university level as well.

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