A vibrant online platform is key for establishing, empowering and sustaining one’s cause. A smart and proactive strategy cannot be undervalued. Ironistic knows this and made these standards a priority for CMSRI.

We gave their website a modern makeover, designing a look that was engaging and in step with CMSRI’s brand. The photos and infographics used help visualize CMSRI’s mission while the clean layout, smart use of space, and integrated navigation aid in relaying key content and make for a more enjoyable user experience. One big element of this content is the site’s Research and Resources features. These, of course, are integral to CMSRIs purpose, and we developed a well-formatted, interactive home for both. For their library of research, we built a searchable database so users can easily find the data they’re looking for. They have the option of searching just CMSRI-funded research or all available data. Resources, meanwhile, houses downloadable guides, videos, images, articles, organizations, and news, and our design make these easy to explore. For a site always evolving with data, resources and related events, easy content management is critical, so we implemented a WordPress CMS that allows site admins to efficiently manage all media and content. Plus, the site is responsive, so visitors can access CMSRI from any device.

We hope that you take some time and check out the Children’s Medical Safety Research Institute online. And if you should need an avid partner for your own site update, we hope that you’ll take a good look at Ironistic.

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