Clean Jobs

You can keep your Dirty Jobs and their worm dung, vomitology, and poo pots.  We’ll pass.  Instead, I think we’ll go with clean jobs.  Ok, so maybe they aren’t all clean as in the opposite of dirty, but they are definitely clean from an environmental perspective.

One of our existing clients recently contacted us to help with a series of reports they are releasing to shine a spotlight on clean jobs in various states.  First up – Florida.  Did you know that in Florida alone, the clean energy industry employs more than 130,000 workers?  That’s a sizable impact!

As you can imagine, each of these reports warrants a strong outreach plan for each state, so Ironistic created microsites to showcase each report and to highlight various facts and figures. Think of it as a digital executive summary.  Within just a few short weeks, we created the first of the report websites – Clean Jobs Florida – and we have several additional states to follow.

Clean Jobs Florida Infographic


As you can see, we leveraged infographics and dynamic content in the report websites in order to visually engage visitors as they learned more about the clean energy jobs.


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