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You know all of those 2015_winnerstudies and reports on college and the economy that you hear referenced all the time on the news?  You know, reports like The Online College Labor Market, The Undereducated American, and Failure to Launch?  You can thank Georgetown’s Center on Education and the Workforce for those.  CEW breaks down education in the United States and the impact that it has on labor and on the economy, and CEW’s experts are world renowned for their efforts in this arena.

In 2014, however, they realized that they needed an entirely new online presence.  Their old website simply failed to successfully showcase their work and their expertise, so they contacted Ironistic to help improve their website.

One of the most important elements of this website centered on the design and presentation of the materials.  CEW focuses heavily on the experience that they wanted their users to enjoy as they navigated through the website, and Ironistic worked closely with their team to design some highly custom functionality as part of their UX.  This included:

  • Custom report pages that visually and contextually engage the user and represent the various reports
  • Custom navigation modules, including “sticky” nav as well as report-specific navigation tools
  • Custom publication library
  • Social media integration
  • Custom search tools
  • Integrated multimedia

All of the custom design and functionality was constructed within the WordPress content management system, allowing CEW staff to easily manage the website moving forward.  Interested in a new awesome website for your organization?  Give Ironistic a call today!

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