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The Critical Access Hospital (CAH) Coalition plays a vital role in the health care of America’s rural communities. Its members represent hospitals located in areas where access to quality health care cannot be taken for granted. Whereas in many urban and suburban areas, people generally enjoy the luxury of choice with clinics and hospitals being a stones throw away, folks in rural areas find their options much more limited. This becomes quite the issue when you consider that over 70% of the U.S. is considered to be rural.

The CAH Coalition’s focus then is to ensure that access to hospitals and quality care is readily available and sustainable. They advocate and work on policy issues that affect the critical access network, advising policy makers and developing agenda and plans that will benefit the CAH community. A key concern is the threat of hospital closure, with 80 rural hospitals closing since 2010 and hundreds more in the crosshairs. A recent victory for CAH Coalition meant keeping the federal government from enacting a 10-mile proximity rule and cutting back reimbursements for critical access hospitals.

For an organization like the CAH Coalition, maintaining an active online presence is essential. Because cultivating awareness and garnering support for their cause is an absolute must, so is having a functional and user-friendly website. Ironistic took on this challenge and created a site that housed all of the Coalition’s information in an easily-accessible, approachable manner. This meant organizing news articles, events, membership info, members-only content, and other materials in a modern design that highlighted their brand, incorporated actionable items throughout the site’s pages (not just via the main navigation), and made everything not just user friendly, but reader friendly. Ironistic’s design also means that the site translates well to mobile devices, plus the WordPress CMS implementation gives administrators the power to easily manage and update content.

For the CAH Coalition, their message and membership were a priority. Ironistic made those priorities their own, and delivered a website that will serve their cause well in the days and years to come.

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