Buchanan & Edwards

Started in 1998, Buchanan & Edwards (BE) has become one the leading IT systems integrators for, primarily, government agencies. BE employs a forward-thinking approach to overcome complex government challenges, and their services provide clients with unconventional ways of solving familiar problems.

A key challenge that BE has faced since its inception is the best way to tell the BE story and to convey the BE culture. BE teamed up with Ironistic to design and build a custom website 

  1. To better tell the BE story
  2. To promote the BE brand
  3. To validate BE as a thought leader in the space
  4. To support the transition of BE into the Full & Open space where they will compete with much larger firms directly
  5. To communicate the BE culture
  6. To engage with all BE target audiences (i.e. download a white paper, explore case studies, schedule a demo, etc.)

Ironistic worked with the Buchanan & Edwards team to create a full strategy for the website and then custom design and build a strong presence on a WordPress platform.  The new website includes an interactive team section, clean and informative infographics, a seamless case studies portfolio and a creative breakdown of careers at BE. We look forward to working with Buchanan & Edwards on marketing research and content strategy and generation for 2015.

Check out the new website http://buchanan-edwards.com/!

Services Provided:

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