Over the years, Ironistic has cultivated a great partnership with BSA, The Software Alliance. BSA is the leading, global advocate for the software technology industry, advancing innovation, creating awareness, and informing policies. Our business relationship with BSA has produced several online platforms that support their objectives. One such website is the recently created Artificial Intelligence (AI) Policy Overview.

BSA, along with other forward-thinking organizations, has turned to digital sites for the presentation of their reports, recognizing the greater impact generated by online platforms. This report promises significant influence as it addresses the future of AI technology and its application around the world.

BSA believes that Artificial Intelligence offers significant promise with the potential to sustain economic growth, provide solutions and advancements across all industries, and increase governments’ ability to offer responsive services. In order to facilitate this potential, they constructed Five Key Pillars for Responsible Artificial Intelligence. These pillars include Building Confidence and Trust through responsible development and consumer understanding, Sound Data Policy that encourages the free flow of information, Cybersecurity and Privacy Protection, Research and Development, and Workforce Development for AI technologies.

Ironistic created an engaging platform for sharing BSA’s AI report. Rather than a generic PDF or bland site crammed full of data, we developed a modern, professional website that presents all relevant information in a clean, concise, user-friendly format. The print design, done by our friends over at Dinsmore Designs, lent themselves well to the website and is consistent with BSA’s brand and sister sites. It makes use of sharp infographics and call-to-actions so users can find the data they’re looking for. Plus, we use drill-down functionality so all content is readily available but not overwhelming. The result is a site that is visually-appealing and effective in its purpose.

Modern technology offers opportunity to organizations of all kinds and throughout all industries. Ironistic knows how to take advantage of available digital resources and transform them into dynamic websites that are a true representation of a clients’ brand and a practical tool for expanding business. Don’t remain in the past. Step forward with Ironistic.

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