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BSA, The Software Alliance, is a prominent advocate for the global software industry. Their mission is the advancement of technological innovation and digital economic growth. Part of their strategy is conducting studies on the use of software technology, safety measures, compliance programs and more, so that they can identify trends and areas that need action.

One of their most recent studies was the BSA Global Software Study. This study was conducted in partnership with IDC and spanned over 110 national and regional economies. The purpose of the study was to assess attitudes toward intellectual property and observe business practices on the use of unlicensed software. The major concern with unlicensed software is the economic costs – over $359 billion globally – and the threat of malware attacks, which is a closely correlated association.

Ironistic has worked with BSA on previous projects, so we were happy to assist this highly-influential organization once again. For this project, they asked us to create a digital platform to publicize the results of their Global Software Study. Websites of this kind are a popular business trend as organizations are realizing the benefits of going modern with their major reports. The impact and level of engagement far exceeds a PDF or PowerPoint.

For this site, we implemented a simple architecture and design. The design aligns with BSA’s brand and kept clean and professional with key content strategically organized to ensure that main points are easily conveyed. The architecture helps with this too. The easy scroll format guides the user through the study’s results, key takeaways, and coordinating graphs. Visitors have the option of viewing the BSA’s press release, full report, and report in brief, but because of the BSA’s global operations, we included functionality that allows people to view these in their native language. That includes a little over 20 different languages. How’s that for impact?

At Ironistic, we’re pros at putting together an effective, targeted strategy that translates into a dynamic site that resonates with your audience. Contact us to begin building your message today.

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