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It almost goes without saying that software technology is a major global asset, improving the lives of individuals, economies and governments. New developments and progress seem constant. Cybersecurity concerns, however, require different kinds of developments and progress. They require expert solutions and collaboration between the software industry, markets and governments. BSA, The Software Alliance, is its industry’s thought and advocacy leader for this very reason. They are a voice, not just for continued progress, but for practical solutions that will protect and enable this progress. One example of this leadership is the BSA’s Cybersecurity Report.

Now, reports used to be pages upon pages of static words, graphs and images. Thanks to technology and innovation, however, reports have gotten an upgrade. It makes sense, then, that BSA would come to Ironistic for an upgrade of their own. Ironistic was tasked with turning BSA’s cybersecurity assessments into an interactive, engaging online feature. We’ve seen some success with this before, and so we put our experience to good use for BSA too.

We built a dedicated site for the report with high functionality and quality design. The design echoes and aligns with BSA’s own branding standards while presenting a modern, professional image. Key elements of the report, such as their cybersecurity agenda, policy framework, news, blog and resources, are featured on the home page with some relevant content and call-to-actions that encourage further discovery. The sticky header at the top of the site also keeps all of the user’s options available as they scroll down the page. Essential to the appeal of this site is thoughtful placement and integration of content, so the use of call-to-actions and icons that reveal more information when selected keep the site clean and ensure the user is not overwhelmed by too much text. In other words, the design of the site ensures that BSA can deliver its message and initiate change and progress that much more effectively.

Important messages need strong platforms. Campaigns of any kind need a reliable, well-strategized vehicle to drive their objectives forward. That is what Ironistic is able to build online for our clients. With decades of experience and hundreds of projects completed, you can trust us to skillfully map your own road to success.

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