Cyber threats. Cybersecurity. You hear about it almost daily now. It’s a concern for businesses, consumers and governments alike. Bricata, based locally in Maryland, is an innovative provider of network cybersecurity solutions for organizations. With their combined 11 decades of experience, they offer substantial and reliable expertise that’s created quite the utilitarian platform for their customers. Their solution integrates next-gen, full-feature intrusion prevention, threat hunting, and advanced threat detection and analysis into a singular package that reduces complexity, dwell time and time to containment. It’s more affordable, and it’s more effective. The best of both worlds.

Initially when Bricata teamed up with Ironistic, they were just looking for a partner to assist with brand development and marketing support. When their current web developer fell short, however, they turned to us for a new, more functional design and build-out. Their website’s platform, at the time, was not user-friendly for Bricata or their site visitors. It didn’t match the brand, made it hard for users to convert, and the content wasn’t sensibly organized, making it hard to communicate Bricata’s value. It was vital that their website’s platform be just as strong and well-constructed as the cybersecurity platform they provide.

That was par for the course for us. Ironistic worked to augment Bricata’s brand through new, unique designs, and created a cross-platform, responsive site, so that all users would be able to access it from any type of device: desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets. We built the site to reflect Bricata’s own efficacy and efficiency, organizing and designing it to be user-friendly and increase and enhance user engagement. The WordPress CMS implementation makes editing, updating, and managing content a breeze for Bricata administrators. The site also features an integration with Pardot to easily track conversion data. Icing on the cake are the custom-made case popup elements on the homepage. These make delivering important content to the user simple and effective without taking up a lot of space in the main hero area. Just as Bricata provides smart, workable solutions for their cybersecurity clientele, we were proud to provide Bricata a smart, workable solution of their very own.

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