American Wind and Wildlife Institute

This site will blow you away… Ok, that might be a bit cheesy, but the new website for the American Wind and Wildlife Institute (AWWI) represents the organization and its cause extremely well.  AWWI is a groundbreaking non-profit organization that seeks to facilitate timely and responsible development of wind energy while protecting wildlife and wildlife habitat.

AWWI came to Ironistic struggling with their design, their messaging, and their ability to manage their old website.  In the past, AWWI staff relied on archaic, custom-built Content Management Systems; however, their online needs simply required a strong CMS, not a custom CMS!  After reviewing the business/operations needs with AWWI leadership, Ironistic moved forward with a WordPress implementation with several customized plugins specific to AWWI.

Much of this project, however, centered more around the frontend development and user interface rather than backend programming.  The new website readily illustrates several key design tactics that we implemented for AWWI.

First, the design is entirely responsive.  Visitors from desktops, tablets, or smart phones can easily access the website and its important information without redirecting to an alternate version of the site.  The platform simply adjusts based on the visitor’s screen size.

Second, we implemented a parallax design approach for many of the key landing pages.  This allows AWWI to string together various messaging in a user-friendly format, particularly for tablet users.

Finally, a goal for AWWI was to increase engagement through the website, so we designed several user tools to increase participation.  Both the top and bottom of the site have permanent toolbars to allow not only navigation, but instant engagement through partner login options, announcements, and online donations.

In addition to the new AWWI website, we also constructed a new site for the National Wind Coordinating Collaborative.  This is more of an archived resource for the NWCC, but certainly still a valuable resource for anyone interested in wind energy.

Take a look at the new websites (AWWI and NWCC) and, if interested in wind energy, get involved!

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