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Art. Is. Everywhere.

Well, at least, it will be soon. For this project, the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) called upon the Ironistic team for a fascinating (albeit rush!) initiative. OAAA and its members decided to partner with some of the renowned art museums in the United States and bring art to everyone. This campaign celebrates great American art by exhibiting the top 50 pieces of art across America via out of home (OOH) advertising – billboards, bus shelters, subway posters and more.

However, a key challenge loomed for this project: picking the top 50 pieces of art. Realizing the enormity of this challenge, OAAA and its partners are turning to you, the Internet, to help narrow down the field via www.arteverywhereus.org.

For this project, OAAA needed a great website worthy of a national campaign, and they needed it quickly. Enter Ironistic.com. The Ironistic team quickly determined the optimal website strategy for the Art Everywhere US project – creative strategy, functionality, and architecture – and started putting brush to canvas. In order to plan for potential future integration with the OAAA website, Ironistic built the new site on the .NET platform with a full CMS for Art Everywhere US staff to easily update the site. In addition, we researched and implemented a preconfigured DotNetNuke module for running the voting contest and tallying the results.

Unfortunately, this was not quite as successful as we had hoped!

As the campaign ideas grew and the national rollout loomed closer, we realized the need to tear down the programming module and reconstruct some of the features to better serve Art Everywhere US. While certainly not part of the original plans, Ironistic and the OAAA team rallied to work together and create an even better solution for the initiative.

And we couldn’t be more proud of the results.


For a limited time only, head over to www.arteverywhereus.org and vote for your favorite pieces of art. Note: In the first week alone, the site saw more than 300,000 page views by more than 21,000 unique visitors from 92 countries, tallying more than 60,000 votes.  Just in the first week!  Who knows? It might be YOUR vote that determines what artwork is exhibited on that billboard you see on your commute to work every day; or on that bus that drives by your office each morning. Voting results will be published later this summer, and the art will be on display through the month of August.  Regardless of the final art selected, Ironistic is proud to be part of this initiative to showcase great American art around the country.

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