Apollo Trust Company

Apollo Trust is a locally owned community bank in Apollo, PA that has truly focused on its local customers for almost 150 years.  Over the past few years, the Apollo Trust website has served its customers, but has gradually deteriorated in terms of ease-of-use, security, and reliability.  In need of a new web presence, Apollo turned to Membership Marketing Support Services and Ironistic.  Together, we worked with Apollo Trust to devise a new online strategy for the bank.

First and foremost, we leveraged our banking website template for Apollo Trust.  This WordPress template allows the bank to have easy access to rearrange navigation, make content updates, keep rates up-to-date, and to receive and manage submissions from a wide variety of forms.  In addition, we created a highly secure environment for hosting the website since security is clearly a top priority for a bank.

The new website is not only highly secure but is a much better platform for Apollo Trust to engage their customers while continuing to update content throughout the website.

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