STOP – WordPress Updates to Version 5 and Beyond. Read first!

When logging into your WordPress site you may see an upgrade notice prompting you to install the newest version 5.0.1/5.0.2 or above. While it is important to stay updated for security and performance reasons, this last major update to 5.0 made some significant changes to the backend and user interface for your site. Smaller updates such as from 4.9.8 to the most recent version should be okay; however, with the types of changes that were in this recent version, there are a lot of potential plugin or display conflicts that are likely to happen. Especially if you know your site uses a lot of shortcodes as an example.

With these things in mind, we are more than happy to get your site on the most recent version. We will be able to do so safely by copying the site to a dev version, running the updates to verify there are no conflicts or other issues, and then push the updated version live. During this time it is also a great time to do a full site audit as well which should be scheduled regularly to optimize performance and clear up any issues on the site.

Prior to running the auto updates to upgrade your site to 5.0.1/5.0.2 please give us a call at (703) 829-0809 or send an email to IQ@ironistic.com, and we will be able to answer any questions and get these maintenance items scheduled for you. The usual hour estimate for these changes is around 2-3 hours for the audit and updates.

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