How the Female Perspective Influences Web and Marketing Success


March 8th is International Women’s Day, and while we agree that women should be celebrated year-round, the holiday is a great reminder to acknowledge women’s achievements. As a company made up of some pretty fantastic women, we decided to ask the team how they think the female perspective influences web and marketing success. Take a look at a few ways that Ironistic feels women create a major impact on our industry.

Women are a vital target audience.

Women are everywhere! Forbes published this article last year regarding why companies would be remiss if they did not market to women. 

Most of us are shopping online daily and are loyal to brands. We are more willing than men to gain insight from how-to videos. And single women are twice as likely their male counterparts to purchase a home. Why not market to a population that is willing to relinquish their earnings to entities they will gain immediate gratification, learn from, and find comfort in?

– Rita Foss, Co-founder and CEO

Women are informed consumers.

Companies want to gear their marketing towards their audience and females do the majority of the “shopping.” So what do women look for? They like to know about a product before they buy it and they want to trust the company they’re purchasing from. Women like to share and hear personal experiences from others so they take to social media to learn from people who have used the product and want to know their thoughts about the company. 

– Mary Ann Jacobsen, Human Resources

Women and men can view websites differently. 

Taking both the male and female perspectives into account when designing websites is an absolute necessity. Both genders look at things differently and are appealed to by different things. The same image or styling for a man might be seen differently by a woman. The appeal to click on something, go deeper into a website, or to purchase an item could be totally different for a woman than for a man. 

However, we only build one website and need to find a balance between the two if we are marketing to both sexes. Finding that balance is an art (and probably a science!) that comes with experience and understanding.

– Brandon Vreeman, Front End Developer

Passion and persuasion affect the female consumer.

I feel like women are more susceptible to take in the whole picture versus the task at hand which allows them to be more persuasive and passionate about something in the long run.

– Jennie Linn, Customer Service (IQ) Project Manager

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