Join Us For Our Holiday Casino Night!


Here’s the deal:

We’re having a party to celebrate the holidays and the New Year too
It’s casino night, so there will be lots to do
So get ready to party, and bring your lucky charm too!

Please join us for some food and a little bubbly to toast the holidays on December 7th at 7pm right here in Suite 400. You are welcome to invite one additional guest to the event – the more, the merrier! We are also arranging a White Elephant Gift Exchange. The rules are as follows:

1. Each guest must bring one wrapped gift to the party worth $30 or less.

2. The player with the lowest earnings from our casino night must go first, pick a gift from the pile, and open it. Gift selection order will go from the lowest to highest earnings.

3. The following players can decide whether to choose a new gift from or steal a previous player’s gift. Anyone whose gift is stolen can do the same thing – choose a new gift or steal someone else’s.

A couple of guidelines to keep the game going:

Hope to see you there!

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