How To Integrate Credit Card Payments On Your Website


You know you have amazing products or services. You’ve got them online for all to see. Now, it’s time for a little ROI. So, how do you integrate credit card payments through your website – and how do you plan for this new step? Get some practical advice from the team at Ironistic!

A TLS/SSL certificate is a MUST! So is allowing time for testing.

There are many easy-to-use plugins that easily integrate credit card payments while also utilizing security with payment gateways of major companies like PayPal and Authorize.net. The most important item to start with, however, is making sure you have a TLS/SSL certificate for your website as most companies require this for any kind of on-site card payments; otherwise it will just be a button or redirect that takes you to their website for processing instead.

After that, it will depend on what goals you have — whether it is for goods and services or for donations since there are different requirements and rules for each. Another item to consider would be the transaction fees per donation or payment to make sure that the selected gateway is the best one for your needs.

The most important step after the initial planning and setup is allowing plenty of time for in-depth testing to make sure the form and payments are working as expected. This should be planned time that is accounted for from the very beginning and ideally takes place prior to officially going live.

– Josh Hall, Frontend Developer

Shop smart, ready-to-go solutions.

Square, Shopify and PayPal are all simple solutions for small/medium businesses wanting to use credit card payments on their website. Shopify, in particular, integrates well with Google Shopping as an added benefit.

– Emily Stephens, Digital Strategist

Make sure the integration comes with use analysis.

First, a secure payment gateway to accept and encrypt the payment is a must. Consideration for the integration should include security, ease of use and accuracy. The integration should provide the business with analysis and reports based on usage.

– Lori Malcolm, Content Writer

A simple, easy-to-use payment gateway

website images

You would need to consider what payment gateway you would like to use. Paypal offers services which can make it quick and easy to start accepting payments. They also take all major credit cards.

– Vee Lee, Senior Frontend Developer

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