How to Use Instagram to Benefit Your Business

instagram for business tipsAs a mobile app that is projected to reach 117.2 million U.S. users by 2021, Instagram is an incredible way to promote your business and the products or services you offer. With that many people scrolling through their feeds regularly, the opportunity to create engagement and win over customers is pretty exciting. If you already have a presence on the platform — great! But being successful on Instagram goes way beyond just setting up a username and password. This powerful marketing tool requires effort, creativity, and a little bit of trial and error to thoughtfully reach your target audience. One of the best things about Instagram is that the size of your business doesn’t necessarily predict how you will flourish on the app — with a routine strategy and plenty of engagement, the opportunities are endless! Check out these tips for seamlessly incorporating Instagram into your digital marketing plan.

Share Your Voice

In a saturated market with more competition on social media than ever, your unique voice and perspective are what your audience will cling onto. Knowing people have unlimited options of who they give their business to, sharing your story, your company values and your unique personality will engage your ideal customers. Use Instagram to share stories and create connections beyond what you’re selling. Think of this platform as the handshake. It’s a place to connect first, sell later.


Instagram was created to connect people through pictures and videos. If you’re a restaurant, for instance,  that means you get to showcase meals, happy customers, new menu changes, and even share upcoming events or business updates. You’re delivering an experience about your business to potential customers directly to their smartphone or tablet. Every post should be delivering a story or experience to your target audience to help them understand your business and your people on a more personal level.

how to use instagram for business


Get Engaged

Just like your business is sharing a story, your target audience is doing the same. Comment on their photos, videos, and Instagram stories. Taking interest in their lives will show you’re committed to your followers. 

Additionally, respond to all comments, if possible, or at least as many as you can. Again, it’s a place for connection which is a two-way street. You’ll gain more engagement if you’re consistent about talking to your audience on their posts. 

Post Often and Thoughtfully

Instagram only creates connections if you’re showing up often. The more you post, the more opportunities you have to engage your audience. It’s recommended that you post at least 4x per week.  The goals of your posts should be to either inspire, educate, or entertain. If it doesn’t fit in any of those categories, it’s likely not worth posting. 

Video is King

Videos are the most impactful drivers of engagement. To that point, Facebook Live videos are a helpful way to expand on a topic or a story in real-time. It’s one of the most efficient ways to make your audience feel like they’re along for the ride with you. Use video posts or Instagram stories to share parts of your business that a potential customer might not know about. It will create high engagement and loyal followers. 

By incorporating these tips into your digital marketing strategy, you’re opening doors to the millions of Instagram users who might stumble upon your business. The key to a successful presence on the web is utilizing any tools that can help you gain more exposure, and overlooking Instagram can be a huge disfavor to your company’s growth. For more information on how Ironistic can help your business improve its social media presence, check out our Integrated Marketing Services.


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