Boost Your Online Holiday Sales with These 10 Quick Tips

Okay… so I am like many of you who are probably thinking, “why in the heck are we talking about Christmas already?!”. Well, if you are a business with an online presence (especially if you have an eCommerce site) and you have not started thinking about Christmas, you are already behind the curve.  Check out the holiday sales tips I have listed below to help your company get on the ball and increase your online holiday sales!

  1. Get festive and decorate
    • holiday sales tipsYou all decorate your stores and office for the holidays, right? So why wouldn’t you decorate your online storefront or business site?! Get your website users in the Christmas spirit by decorating your website, social media accounts, and email blasts. Decorate according to your user base – if your online style is more classical and subtle, use subtle decoration that will fit in with your site’s theme. If your site is more upbeat and colorful, go all out and dress it up.
    • Create landing pages with custom content for each of your target audiences. Segment your buyers into audience groups; write content that they will relate to; guide them to the products that suit their needs. Depending on your gift options, you may also want to create individual landing pages for certain groups of products or promotions with fun holiday-related content.
  2. Be social and spread the holiday cheer!     christmas facebook  holiday twitter  linkedin for the holidays  

    • Use your social media platforms to spread the holiday cheer. Be careful not to bore your followers with a constant reminder of your products. Give them engaging content that gets them excited about Christmas! If you are engaging with your audience in a positive way, they will likely consider you for their holiday purchases without you having to give them a hard sell. Another fun way to spread the cheer is to have holiday-themed contests with holiday-related prizes or gift cards that they can use on your website.
  3. Seasons greetings
    • Leading up to Christmas, incorporate the holiday spirit into your email and direct mailing pieces. Send holiday-themed newsletters, deal announcements, Christmas gift ideas, and more. Below is a snapshot of an HTML5 Holiday E-card that we designed and developed for our clients.
      holiday greetings
  4. Leverage other online sales platforms
    • Many people choose to do their online holiday shopping solely through providers such as Amazon and Best Buy for convenience. Amazon has seen record-breaking holiday sales of over 21 billion dollars… that is a heck of a lot of sales to push through a website. Do some research and see if it makes sense for your company to sign up as a seller.
  5. Give back
    • The holidays are a time for sharing and caring. Consider giving a percentage of all your holiday sales to a charity and let your potential customers know how they can show support. Show your customers that you care and sponsor a local charity or event.
  6. Paid advertising
    • If you have a marketing budget and want to spend more than time alone, consider some paid online advertising options. Google PPC campaigns and/or Facebook ads are a good place to start. For Google PPC, it is important to do your homework with keyword research and content targeting to get the biggest bang for your buck. With Facebook, there are options for targeting people with specific likes or from specific physical locations. Targeting is extremely important with paid advertising to help stretch your budget limitations.
  7. Offer some freebies
    • Offer free gift wrapping (if applicable) or throw in a free gift. If you’re feeling generous, why not offer included shipping on select or all of your products. Why should you do this, you ask? I’ll tell you why… people EXPECT holiday sales and specials. The fact of the matter is – if you don’t give consumers some sort of special treatment, they will find another provider who will. It is important to have some sort of hook to show your potential customers that you value their business.
  8. Make it easy
    • Everyone is busy and on the go during the holidays. Be sure to make it easy for your customers to make purchases right from their mobile devices. If you haven’t heard of responsive website design before, now is the time to learn about it. Our company strongly believes in building sites responsively.
  9. Create a sense of urgency
    • Christmas shoppers will likely already shop with a sense of urgency as December 25th approaches. Increase that urgency to encourage your customers not to wait until it’s too late. Use call to action statements like “order by X date to receive your gifts before December X” or “Shipping included for a limited time only”. You can also provide discounts if someone orders by a specific date. Encourage people to get their shopping out of the way early by offering special promotions in October and November.
  10. ‘Tis the season to be jolly
    • Stay in good spirits! This may seem silly to include in my holiday sales tips, but I think it is important. When a customer contacts you through the website, social media, or your live chat, stay upbeat and positive. Great customer service with a smile goes a long way. Also, this suggestion isn’t limited to just the holiday season, of course.

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