Importance of Demographics in Marketing and Online Strategy


Learn what the Ironistic team has to say about the importance of demographics in marketing and the impact it has on your online strategy!

Create a tailored experience for your visitors

Demographic information allows you to understand and anticipate the type of information your core users will be looking for as well as how they will be looking for it. For marketing, this means you can better target these individuals through educated decisions on messaging and distribution. When applied to a website this understanding allows you to shape the UI/UX experience to best meet the needs of your users allowing you to create tailored feeling experiences for visitors.

– Jon Gavejian, Senior Project Manager
Importance of demographics

Demographic information affects how to approach problems with different strategies and solutions

Insights on demographic information

Most noticeably it will affect branding and marketing based on the type of people you’re trying to reach. For example, when marketing towards a younger audience one might aim towards more cartoony designs as opposed to a more professional and clean approach when marketing towards an older demographic. Depending on the demographic you’re trying to reach, you might consider utilizing different social media platforms and strategies to reach core audiences. Sometimes it takes a lot of research of demographics to fully understand how to effectively deploy online strategies.

– David Shayne, Frontend Developer

Demographical data is essential for talking to your audience and not at them

I think it is one of the most important aspects of an online strategy. Demographical data is essential for talking to your audience and not at them. If you utilize the wrong interface or messaging because you are not keyed into your audience and what they like they will miss the message no matter how good it is. That is the key, you can have the best product, site or solution in the world, but if you market to the wrong audience, it will have horrible results.

– Jared Elliott, Co-Founder & COO
Importance of demographics for a website

The more you know about your target audience, the better your strategy will be

Demographics data for ads

Demographic information can immensely impact an online strategy! For example, if you are doing a paid advertising campaign to promote your clothing store to the people in your area, you’ll need to know more about them to determine the copy of the ads, what images you should use, etc. If the population is ethnically diverse, you might use images of people that represent that diversity. If you find that there are a lot of families in the area with small children, you might include family images with copy relating to back-to-school shopping. The list goes on.

– Veronica Dunbar, Project Manager

The key to making smart marketing choices

Demographic information can inform everything from a website’s user experience to the tone and language you use to describe your brand. But the demographic information is just the starting point – understanding how your customers feel and think is key to making smart marketing choices.

– Leah Marsden, Senior Digital Strategist

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