How to Increase Webinar Attendance and Drive New Leads


Webinars can be a clever strategy that elevates your brand, draws people to your site, peaks interest in your business, and ultimately builds more revenue. So, how do you make sure your webinar is a smashing success? Get some good insight on how to increase webinar attendance from the experts at Ironistic.

Determine target audience needs, invest in your presentation & don’t forget the all-important follow-up.

  1. Start with your audience’s needs. What content do they desperately need in their day-to-day? If you’re deciding between topics, consider attracting a smaller but more interested audience over a broad audience that may be able to get their content from multiple other sources.
  2. Make your pitch. Before you even promote or write your presentation, work up an elevator pitch for this webinar that tells the viewer specific things they’ll learn and why it’s important.
  3. Work with a subject matter expert to create an in-depth presentation that is engaging and informative. From the very start, consider how you can use graphics, stats, examples (storytelling!) and interactive polls to make the webinar more valuable and entertaining.
  4. Promote! Start by sending to the appropriate segment of your audience. If your audience is B2B, you may want to consider running a promotion on LinkedIn to attract new leads to your webinar. Share on your social media profiles. You may also want to add it to multiple places to your website, such as a soft interstitial, a CTA, and a banner on your site.
  5. Follow-up. Send all attendees a thank you, and if applicable, a certificate of completion. For those who didn’t attend, be sure to send them access to a video or transcript — or at least point them to the next webinar or other content that might help. All of your registrants should be flagged for future webinar and content emails.
  6. Don’t forget your leads! Depending on how you score your leads, attending a webinar or attending multiple webinars could be a clue that they are someone worth contacting by your sales team.
– Leah Marsden, Digital Strategist

1-2-3: Use diverse promotion strategies.

holiday marketing ideas
  1. Leverage your existing email contact list for generating awareness of the webinar in advance, giving your currently engaged audience time to mark their calendars. You can also encourage them to invite a colleague.
  2. Don’t forget to promote the webinar on your website. Add prominently placed calls-to-action on key pages and provide enough information about the webinar on a registration page to showcase what the attendees can gain from attending.
  3. Consider options for paid advertising to reach a new targeted audience that might not yet be familiar with your business. I’ve had some great success with promoting B2B webinars through LinkedIn lead gen form ads. The LinkedIn lead gen forms allow you to easily collect the core contact information for a highly targeted audience when they choose to register. The best part is that they don’t even have to leave LinkedIn! Where it gets a little tricky is keeping up with ensuring new form submissions get properly registered for the webinar. This is where integrating with your webinar platform becomes critical. Don’t worry; we can help you with that too!

For example, check out the successful cybersecurity webinars we promoted with our friends over at Bricata or this Federal Hiring webinar we did with Acendre. Following these tips helped maximize webinar attendance filled with highly targeted audiences.

– Hannah Taylor, Director of Integrated Marketing

Show yourself as the theme’s expert.

Look back at your past work with clients and see if there is a common thread uniting them — perhaps a similar problem each have faced. Build your webinar around how your team solved your client’s problem and whatever challenges you faced along the way. Make your webinar a must-see by phrasing the title into a question and the only way to get answers is by attending.

– Sylvia Foerster, Creative Services Director

Use all the promotional tools in your toolbox. Go big or go home.

Have your event included in morning emails or other local email newsletters, such as 730 DC, volunteer organizations, Facebook events, Eventbrite events, school newsletters. In emails and social posts, have examples of how you have done this so that potential attendees deem you as an expert (in case they haven’t heard of you).

– Sarah Kelley, Project Manager

Find a great online tool/resource for easy webinar building.

kajabi.com is a great resource for building online courses and webinars. Hyper-targeted campaigns on Facebook and LinkedIn are great sources for promoting a webinar and boosting attendance.

– Emily Stephens, Digital Strategist

Make it too good to pass up.

Start with a FREE webinar. Offer something of value like training, instruction or information on a product or process. Promote the webinar on SM channels that can propagate leads through followers and shares. Make the topic relevant to challenges your audience faces.

– Lori Malcolm, Content Writer

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