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Discover smart tips for boosting holiday sales with these holiday marketing ideas from the team at Ironistic!

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holiday marketing ideas

The best way to boost sales around the holidays is to have a strategic integrated marketing approach. Leading up to the holidays, make sure all of your messaging and content across all channels are heavily focused on driving sales through seasonal offers.

Some specific tactics to really get things going include offering discounts — for example, providing great Black Friday deals or discounts on gift certificates. Think about your existing target audience (the buyer) and who they would be gifting to (the user) to make buying from you an easy decision. Gift giving guides or combining multiple products in a gift package is a great way to accomplish this.

– Hannah Taylor, Director of Integrated Marketing

Value-added shopping for the season!

Reach out to people via email blast, social media, etc. to let them know about the beautiful items you have available. Everyone is looking for that “special” gift for someone, and they need a reminder of what you have to offer. Do this early and often.

Offer free shipping and/or a reduced price on express shipping for those last-minute shoppers.

Is it being sent directly to the recipient? Offer gift wrapping and/or an enclosed note.

For those very last-minute shoppers, remind everyone that gift cards make a great, easy gift, and they can be sent directly to the recipient’s email. That allows the recipient to shop at their leisure and choose the perfect gift for themselves.

– MaryAnn Jacobsen, Human Resources

Be proactive

Lori Malcolm IronInsights

Rely on proactive marketing rather than reactive marketing. Create a plan months before the holidays to promote upcoming sales or offerings. Get people in the mood to spend. Seasonize social media presence to create a holiday feel. Get the staff or team on board to prioritize customer service and encourage employee engagement to bring it all together. It’s a team effort; it takes a Christmas village… : )


– Lori Malcolm, Content Writer

Use the holidays to prepare for 2019!

Typically, “boost sales around the holidays” means retail/ecommerce type strategies. I’m going to answer this one with a services mentality in mind.

Many Ironistic clients are professional services companies…government contractors, consulting firms, associations, technology companies, etc. Boosting sales for these types of companies involves planning ahead and pitching plans for the following year. So my recommendations are:

1. Reach out to existing clients with recommendations for 2019.

2. Create content around 2019 planning and promote that through email, social media, and even PPC/paid social media

3. Create an email drip campaign for building a 2019 strategy

4. Comb through 2018 leads (especially leads that did NOT hire you) and reach out about their 2019 plans.

They will be impressed that you remembered them AND are still interested in their business. The bottom line is: show potential clients that you are planning ahead on THEIR behalf. They will thank you for it come January!

– Chris Foss, Co-founder and President
holiday marketing tactics

What holiday marketing ideas have you tried? Share your comments below!

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