Hannz Made Crocheting

hand made hatIn my free time (which is rarely ever) I love to to crochet. Hats, purses, scarfs, you name it… In fact, years ago, I started a little business called “Hannz Made”. A little cheesy, I know… but it seemed clever at the time.

I was first taught how to crochet when I was younger (using only my fingers) by my Aunt Linda. Once I got that down, I decided I wanted to learn how to use a hook and get better at it so I could make actual items, instead of just a really long chain of yarn. My Aunt Linda and my Nana helped me to improve this skill and showed me different techniques. My Nana has since passed away. Every time I see crochet, I think of her. She was an amazing person with a warm heart and she crocheted more than anyone I have ever heard of (with Aunt Linda coming in close second). Nana and Aunt Linda have crocheted hundred of “Linus blankets” that they give away to those less fortunate. She will always remain an inspiration to me and hold a place in my heart. Rest in peace Nana xoxo.

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