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credit union marketingFinding new members for your credit union is becoming easier than you think. With a solid digital marketing budget and competent campaign planning, you can separate yourself from other financial institutions in the area. Not all credit unions are created equal, but that’s where you can use these tips to customize your approach to membership growth. 

Here are some secrets we’ve seen success with working with our credit union clients: 

Update your website

This first one seems obvious, but it’s something we’ve seen a lot of credit unions struggle with. Your website is more than just a tool for people to log in to their online banking; it’s a representation of you are and what kind of members should be joining. Don’t get stuck with an outdated website that’s hard to navigate and even harder to update internally. Most platforms like WordPress can integrate easily with your online banking and loan application portals so that there won’t be any extra work to get members where they need to get to. 

Your website should also act as a hub for financial literacy resources. Members and potential members are always searching for money-saving tips, car shopping advice, or first time home buying guidance. Leverage your expertise and available resources to write or source meaningful content. Update these resources regularly and promote them through all your channels

Optimize your website

The key to showing up high in search results is to optimize for the keywords members and non-members are searching for. Local SEO is a great way to get an edge up on other credit unions in your area, especially if they are serving the same SEGs or community groups. Think about utilizing longer keywords like “auto loans in Montgomery County” or “credit unions in Gotham City” to insert into the right places on your website. Massage these keywords into your website, and create content based on highly-searched industry terms.

You have to do the research to figure out what works. Start looking at trends and compile your list of keywords that correspond to the appropriate pages. From there, you can create a schedule that will remind you to optimize on a regular basis. Good SEO isn’t inserting a keyword into a page and hoping for the best, it’s constantly updating your content and continually finding the best keywords for your credit union website.

Don’t be afraid of social media

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn aren’t as scary as you think. These are great platforms that provide direct communication with your members. Not everything your members will say about you will be positive, but social media gives you an opportunity to address any feedback and make adjustments to provide great service. Make sure there is someone on your team who is interacting with that feedback and answering questions. 

Since social media offers instant communication to your clients, it’s an easy way to share your promotions and content in real-time. You can immediately reach your target audience when your new refinance campaign launches with a custom graphic and landing page posted to all your channels. Do you have a budget set aside for paid ad campaigns? Social media should be part of this strategy as well! 

You down with PPC?

Before you start running your ads on Facebook, make sure you’re aware of their new Special Ad Categories. This is a new policy that now limits your audience reach and customizations to protect membership from unlawful discrimination. That doesn’t mean Facebook ads are not an option for your promotion! It just means you’ll be reaching a broader audience that needs to be filtered out through the content of the ad and the landing page. 

Google Ads give you access to the world, well kind of. Facebook ads are incredibly easy to use and don’t cost too much, but Google gives you a huge reach. Depending on your target market, anyone in your city searching for “auto loans” will be able to see your ad first, before any of your competitors. We’ve seen a lot of success with running display ads that show your ad on Google’s partner websites leading to over 100,000 impressions and thousands of clicks per month, on average. This is where you need to make sure your landing page us up to date, and easy to use. Make sure your form or call-to-action is easy to use and easy to find!

This really only scratches the surface of what your credit union can do to reach your membership goals. All marketing tactics should be built around your yearly promotions and adjusted throughout the year to generate more results. Need help planning your marketing campaigns? Our credit union marketing experts are here to help!

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