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Sizing up the Company Culture at Ironistic 

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Company culture is one of those modern buzzword phrases that gets tossed around a lot these days. But when gauging a company’s trajectory toward success, you can’t really overlook this factor. Happy employees, theoretically, make happy customers, so we think it’s smart to take an inside look every so often and see how we’re humming along.

What do we mean by culture?company culture at Ironistic

Merriam-Webster defines culture as the characteristic features of everyday existence shared by people in a place or time. It also defines it as a set of shared attitudes, values, goals and practices that characterizes an institution or organization. 

That makes perfect sense for companies. Unity, camaraderie, vision – it all factors into a successful team that can deliver over and over again.

What we say about Ironistic’s culture

When we pause and take a moment from developing awesome sites to evaluating our own development, the reflections that return are nothing short of affirming. Major themes are: family-centric, support, and communication. We have fun, we have each other’s backs, and we like each other! And those are all key elements when it comes to successfully delivering for our clients and partners. That support, open communication and team play all help energize, motivate and generate big ideas and satisfied customers.  

Here are some quick soundbites of our take on Ironistic’s company culture:

“Working at Ironistic has given me the greatest overall work experience I’ve ever had.”

“Ironistic is a business that always has the best intentions for its clients…No project is too small, and all of the passion and talent and drive each of our employees embody shines through the work we produce.”

“Trust is a huge part of the culture. We all trust each other to get the job done, and we all trust that…every person is doing everything to the best of their ability…There is also a huge value put on establishing a work/life balance.”

“For me, Ironistic provides an environment of trust, health, transparency, flexibility, growth, honesty. And this is reciprocal – everyone here works hard to support each other.”

“Ironistic has granted me a beautiful opportunity to grow as an individual and find balance with my family, travel and personal goals.”

“Everyone is ready and willing to hop in and get the job done. Management cares about more than just your work life, but also your quality of life. People are friendly and personable. It’s the kind of culture where I could go grab a drink with anyone…and it wouldn’t be strange.” 

“On occasion I see [digital strategists] helping each other, which I find refreshing as everyone aspires to the common goal of client satisfaction and not personal gratification.”

“The company environment is highly respectful and encouraging to foster a sense of community…I believe employees are engaged through connective work and efficient communication to develop quality strategies for our clients.” 

“The work we do and the clients we work with [are] why I decided to work at Ironistic, but my co-workers are what take an already great situation and make it better…You truly feel like you can be yourself while at work and that being yourself is a good thing.”

“When we all get together, it feels like a family. No one is left out; no one is ignored.”

We’re happy that our sense of community, value, and inclusion is a common thread throughout the Ironistic team. It’s positives like that that make us proud of who we are, what we’ve done and hopeful of what we’ll do in the future. 

The big pros of cultivating a work environment where we care for and support each other is that it invigorates the quality of work we do for our clients and the contributions we make in our community. Ironistic places value on the individual — not just on the work they do, but on the unique traits, ideas, and creativity that we know make us and our clients the better for it. 

Interested in a career at Ironistic? See what’s open now.

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July 16, 2019

Nice article! So true. Good employee values are priceless commodities. Undervalued by way to many companies these days. Keep it up!


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