How to Choose the Right Images for a Website


How do you choose the right images for your website? Here is some food for thought from the Ironistic team.

Get to know your imagery taste

Before starting your search for images, you need to know your taste. Do you like landscapes, candid photos, posed photos, abstract textures or patterns? Do you want to avoid industry cliches such as a hooded figure at a laptop for a cybersecurity firm? Once you have a grasp of what you like/don’t like, you can turn to where this image will be used. If it’s to accompany a contact us form, I like to use pictures of our client’s team or their office. In the event a client doesn’t want to be featured, then an image representing the office location works well. If it’s a hero image, then I turn to the messaging or content. I like to use images that represent our client’s values/mission in the hero. For example, if your team is full of bold problem solvers, then an image of someone doing something bold, like free-climbing would be effective. We always say that content is king – and that’s not just for the written word. Content drives image selection too.

– Sylvia Foerster, Creative Services Director
Choose website images

Images should reinforce your message

website images

Images should express the message that you are providing to your users and be able to grab the user’s attention. Think about what you are trying to convey and what you want your users to feel. Many site users will not read all of the content on a page, so the right image can go a long way in getting the overall message across.

– Vee Lee, Senior Front-End Developer

Always keep brand consistency in mind

The imagery used on your website has a substantial impact on your branding. Before throwing random stock photos onto your site, make sure you thoroughly consider your branding and messaging. All content, including visual content, needs to be consistent with your brand’s voice and tone. Use a branding and messaging guide to point you in the right direction when choosing your imagery and help you determine if you should use stock photos, illustrations, real-life photography,  and so forth.

– Hannah Taylor, Director of Integrated Marketing
Choose the right imagery

Whatever makes it jazzy!

– Chris Foss, Co-Founder & President

(that is literally all Chris had to say….)

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