How to Build an Online Presence


Your site can’t live without it. Discover the keys to building a strong online presence from the team at Ironistic.

Meet the goals of your target audience.

How to build an online presence?  Wow. This is a wide-open question that could be about 100 blog posts by itself, so I’ll answer with one overarching focal point. Keep this in mind with everything you do online: Think of your target audience, and make sure you’re consistently delivering what they need from your business/organization. If you do this, people will come back and convert.

For some websites, this might just be giving your visitor the peace of mind about your company and your services. They just want to come to the website and validate that you’re a strong, reliable company. Other websites — for example, our friends at Dizzy Pig — are selling products and have to provide a strong user experience and buying process for people to confidently purchase their products over and over again.

Fulfill the goals of your target audiences, and you’ve got a strong online presence!

– Chris Foss, President and Co-Founder
Social Media for Brand Penetration

Clear, consistent messaging.

With consistent messaging, a clear mission, and a clear digital strategy across all platforms (web, social, email, etc.), the company’s online presence will be immediately strengthened.

From my old job, I learned that any missing piece of that puzzle is detrimental to the public’s understanding of who you are and why you should be important to that user. When your branding is confusing, your messages become convoluted and instead of increasing your reach among engaged users, it’ll easily (and quickly) decline.

– Sarah Kelley, Project Manager

Remain relevant.

Start with your website. Customers are going to your website first before they ever decide they’re going to purchase something. It should be easy to navigate and contain the information the customer is looking for.

Having an online chat feature will give the customer the option to “talk” to someone if they have questions without leaving your website. There’s a better chance they’ll purchase something if they stay. If they have to leave to get information, they might not come back.

– Mary Ann Jacobsen, Human Resources

Get smart with online tools and strategy.

Build it and they will come. Make it easy for shoppers to find you online using tactics like SEO.

Track and record trends that dictate traffic flows and use the information to improve the visitor experience.

Use social media channels to promote, observe, and interact with potential customers, loyal clients, and sneaky competitors.

– Lori Malcolm, Content Manager

Stay busy.

Authenticity, frequent updates/new content, and pertinent content.

– Rita Foss, Co-Founder and CEO
what makes a startup successful

Create an awesome user experience.

Consistency is key. It’s so important to be consistent across all channels, so that consumers get the same look and feel of who you are when they bounce from your website to your social media channels.

It’s also imperative that you create a rich user experience on your site—you want your site to be easy to navigate and filled with relevant and useful content.

– Rebecca Howard, Marketing Assistant

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