How to Post a Blocked URL on Facebook Business Page

So your website just got blocked for violating Facebook’s community standards, now what? Well, it’s important to understand why these guidelines exist. Facebook’s community standards protect its members from seeing content that would be classified as unsavory and ensures that people are not seeing posts that condone violence and criminal behavior, injury and lack of safety, harmful speech, spam and fake news, and intellectual property rights violations. As such a large medium for content distribution, Facebook has a responsibility to protect its monthly active user base of over 2.41 billion (Statista). Even so, they sometimes get it wrong and block a URL that shouldn’t have been blocked in the first place.

My Website or Business Doesn’t Violate These Standards

It’s time to reach out to Facebook support and get this issue resolved. Unfortunately, a quick Google search like “contact Facebook support” will only frustrate you even more. A word to the wise: You can’t contact Facebook support over the phone! Please don’t fall for this literal scam and call a phone number you see in the help forum, or somewhere online.

how to post a blocked url on facebookThe only way to contact Facebook support is through a hard-to-find form online. The reason it’s so hard to find is because you can only find it through their Ads Support Center. When you land on this page, scroll down to see an option to contact support and go through the necessary steps to finally start a conversation with someone.

Your support messages will be done through Facebook Messenger, so make sure you have a personal account that has access to your business page ready to go.

Unblocking Your URL

You are now well on your way to get your URL unblocked! Well, kind of. Facebook makes the process pretty intuitive with a Messenger bot that will vet your issue first before contacting someone but doesn’t make things feel any faster than just explaining the issue to a human. Each case will be assigned a support representative who will collect information and try to troubleshoot the issue for you before moving over to communicating the case through email and escalating it for you.

In our experience, unblocking a URL for violating guidelines is not a quick fix. In some cases, you’ll have to wait well over a month before the issue gets resolved.

Why Did My URL Get Blocked?

This is not an easy question to answer at all. You’ll have to read through the guidelines and try to figure it out yourself. In some cases, it might not be a community standards issue, and an error with your URL, but hopefully the support representative will be able to fill you in when it’s all done, no guarantees.

Still have questions about managing your Facebook business page? Contact us today!

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