Tips on Finding the Right Target Audience for Paid Ads


When developing a new ad campaign for a client, finding the right target audience is just as important as developing spectacular copy and creative. Luckily, the Ironistic team has a proven track record of effectively getting our clients’ messages across. Check out our tips on pinpointing the correct target audience for paid ads:

Research your current audience.

A great way to find your target audience is to learn more about the people that are already buying your product or using your service by using your website and social media analytics. Look into their ages, spending power, interests, titles of people making buying decisions etc., and focus your ads on that.

You can also look to your competitors to see who they are targeting. Are they trying to capture the same market segments as you? Different ones? How are they positioning themselves? This will help you understand which markets they’re targeting and if their efforts appear to be effective.

– Sylvia Foerster, Creative Manager

Then, research your potential audience!

Know your clients and/or the ones who make decisions for your audience. For example, If you are advertising a game for kids, you may also need to make it appealing to their parents since they are the purchasing power. Do a little market research and consider getting an expert in the field to help you discover the best place to spend your hard earned advertising budget.

– Kristen Fischetti, Content Stylist

Map out your ideal customer for who you’d like to do business with. Are they a specific age? Gender? Have certain interests? Live in a specific location? The entire world can’t be your target audience so it’s important to think about who you’d like your customer to be. From there, keyword research is imperative to determine if there are keywords relating to your business and goals to warrant a paid ads campaign. If there is a high search volume, you can keep your ideal customer persona in mind when you think about keywords to keep and get rid of.

– Emily Stephens, PPC Specialist

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Ovais Mirza
June 2, 2020

Hello Ironistic,

Thanks for sharing tips on how we can target the right audience in the paid advertisements. I too believe that proper research for targeting audience is the key to success otherwise your marketing campaign and your money will loose .

Ovais Mirza


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